What is ASTM A283 Grade C Steel Plate?


What is ASTM A283 Grade C Steel Plate?

EN 10025-2 is European standard, EN 10025-2 Carbon Steel is a steel alloy where carbon is the main alloying element.

Carbon steel can be grouped into 3 categories: Low Carbon Steel (also known as Mild Steel), Medium Carbon Steel and High Carbon Steel.

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Alloy A283 GR.C is having various elements which are having various properties. Carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and copper are some of the elements that are used in alloy steel.

A283 GR.C Some of the properties that are inherited in the manufactured plates are corrosion resistance, great durability, ductility, high tensile strength, formability, ductility, durability, and many more. The properties are the way through which plates that are manufactured are used in various industries. Some of the industries are petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, pulp and paper and many more industries.

ASTM A283 Gr.C Steel Plate Specification :
Item : Low and Intermediate Tensile Strength carbon steel Plates - A283 GR.C
Thickness : 5mm-150mm
Width : 1000mm-4500mm
Length : 3000mm-18000mm

ASTM A283 Grade C carbon steel chemical composition: 








ASTM A283 Gr.C





0.40 0.15-0.40


ASTM A283 Grade C carbon steel mechanical properties:

Tensile strength

Yield strength, min, [MPa]

Elongation in 2"

Elongation in 8"

55,000 75,000 psi [380 - 515 MPa]

30,000psi [205 MPa]

25% min

22% min

ASTM A283 Grade C carbon elements are having the best properties to be used in the low-pressure applications in the industries. even covers various specifications to be used in the structural applications. Other than the low temperatures applications the alloy is also used in the electric furnace to have good conductivity.

Before delivering the products to the clients, A283 carbon steel GR.C PLATES moves thorough several material testing. Some of the tests which are performed for the quality tests are hardness, hydrostatic, ultrasonic, macro, micro, positive material identifications, and various other tests.

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