Advantages of channel steel


Advantages of channel steel

EN 10025-2 is European standard, EN 10025-2 Carbon Steel is a steel alloy where carbon is the main alloying element.

Carbon steel can be grouped into 3 categories: Low Carbon Steel (also known as Mild Steel), Medium Carbon Steel and High Carbon Steel.

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The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of channel steel by BBN Steel Co., Ltd.:

Channel steel is mainly used in engineering, plant setting, machinery setting, bridges, highways, civil houses, etc; Good mechanical and physical functions, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection Channel steel has many advantages.

Channel steel is a relatively new type of economic construction steel
The section style of channel steel is economical and appropriate, and the mechanical function is good. The advantages of channel steel are incisively and vividly displayed on the section during rolling. During rolling, the extension of each point of the section is relatively balanced, the internal stress is small, and the comparison of general I-beam has the benefits of large section modulus, light weight and metal saving, which can reduce the construction structure by 30-40%
Because the inner and outer sides of the legs are parallel and the leg ends are right angles, the welding and riveting workload can be saved up to 25% by assembling and assembling parts

It is often used in large-scale construction (such as factory buildings, high-rise buildings, etc.) with large conditional bearing capacity and good section invariance, as well as bridges, ships, hoisting and transportation machinery, foundation setting, supports, foundation piles, etc
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