Derusting and curing of I-beam


Derusting and curing of I-beam

EN 10025-2 is European standard, EN 10025-2 Carbon Steel is a steel alloy where carbon is the main alloying element.

Carbon steel can be grouped into 3 categories: Low Carbon Steel (also known as Mild Steel), Medium Carbon Steel and High Carbon Steel.

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I-beam is a kind of commonly used steel. The city is preventing rust in the process of processing. However, when we store it for a long time or do not have enough hope at the time of storage and operation, it may still show signs of rust. So why should we be on guard against maintenance? As I-beam is often exposed in the air before operation, a series of chemical reactions will occur between the steel and the oxygen and moisture in the air in the future, resulting in rust, commonly known as corrosion

However, the rust will infect and affect the operation effect of the I-steel, resulting in the connection gap between the I-steel, incorrect placement of materials, delay the speed of the project, and even cause the collapse of the project. Therefore, before each operation of I-beam, it is required to remove the rust, remove the small rust spots to prevent the corrosion from becoming larger, and affect the operation effect.

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a more efficient rust remover, despite the abnormal oxidation of its surface. In addition, when operating the I-beam, it may be necessary to guard against rusting even if it is dried up.

Therefore, in order to better guard against the rusting of I-steel, we might as well try not to expose it in the air at the time of storage, and store it in a dry address. In addition, if there are signs of rust before operation, it is suggested to remove rust first to prevent small rust spots from expanding into large rust spots after operation.

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